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October  – December: HSAD Alumni show

The show includes prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings by 30 former staff and students of HSAD who went on to become distinguished artists and educators, carrying with them the philosophy of the great British art school.





Future exhibitions:


March 2018
Liz Nicol: Remember Me. The Changing Face of Memorialisation.

To take a photograph is to record a momentary observation, to take notice of something, somewhere or someone. To print a photograph is to preserve that moment in material form, as an object; it is to create something we can hold on to, and keep for the future, in perpetuity.

These photographs are observations, visual notes that record how we remember our loved ones. It is very sad to see evidence of care turning to neglect, to see cut flowers wilting and decaying at the site of a grave. But it is also extraordinary and commonplace to see grave markers of a death 100 years ago in pristine condition without any clues to the passage of time.