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Now showing

July 10th – 28th:
Richard Lees- This is Hull! Rock Against Racism Posters UK Exhibition Tour 2016/17
Hull Rock Against Racism got started in 1979, a bit after everyone  else. We were community activists, grassroots anti-racist campaigners promoting regular RAR gigs with local bands in the heart of West Hull. My silkscreen posters were also a bit out of step. No ripped ransom note safety pinned punk graphics. Instead, images were taken from radical artwork – often German Expressionist woodcuts, Soviet Constructivist film posters or Paris 68 screen prints – and adapted for a new purpose. Richard Lees


Future Exhibitions

August 3rd-September 8th – 28th:
Bob and Roberta Smith
Patrick Brill OBE RA, Better known by his pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith, is a British contemporary artist, writer, author, musician, art education advocate and keynote speaker. He is known for his “slogan” art. He will present an exhibition of work including a new large-scale piece based on an interview with Blair Amani who he will be interviewing again as part of Hull’s Freedom Festival.

Works will also include: Dear Prime Minister, All Schools should be art Schools, There is still hope there is still art, Letter to George Osborne (sculpture objects), Give a child a pencil, Dear pissed of voter.


Sept 14th – 6th Oct:
Rowland Box
Rowland Box was a printmaker who studied for his Dip A D at Hull School of Art & Design in the mid 60s, working there in the mid 70s and also from 1986-89. He died in December 2015 aged seventy. 

He demonstrated technical excellence in printmaking and was a tireless campaigner for human rights and used his skills as an Artist to raise awareness of politically motivated persecution and cruelty, sectarian intolerance and violence. He searched for resolve and celebrated positives that shone through the chaos of hatred.